Mr. Nahid  Sarwar  is  the  Managing  Director  of  Cityscape  International  Ltd  and  the Proprietor of Santana Enterprise. He has completed his education from reputed Tettenhall College of England on Business Management. In 1988 he joined his family business in jute industry. He is the pioneer who introduced finest quality 6 lbs jute to the world market & also exported in Netherlands, England, Iran, Turkey & few fine in Japan industry. On their own land he has transformed the business of Cemex Cement where he also acted as local consultant. He was the responsible for  factory  construction, JT setup, road widening & land filling project of Cemex Cement. After completion the project he was requested by the  top  management  and  share  holder  to  find  the  opportunity  for  long  term  supply business.  Also  he  took  the  responsibility  of  supplier  for  Heidelberg  Cement  Bangladesh Ltd, Cemex Cement, Shah Cement & other reputed company. By this time he constructed new  shopping  market  (4  storied,  150  shops)  situated  in  heart  of  Narayanganj  &  a community center on their own land.


 After   possessing   strong   business   and   leadership   skill   with   deep   understanding   of construction  he  urged  to  do  something  not  only  for  the  people  but  also  for  the environment. He wanted to build a world class combination of sustainability & facilities.


Then he built the  flagship project – Cityscape tower –the 1st  LEED Platinum (awarded on 24.01.2017, project id: 1000016210) commercial green building in Bangladesh, 28th  in Asia and  170th  in  the  world!  Located  at  the  heart  of  commercial  and  diplomatic  activities  of Dhaka – 53, Gulshan Avenue, It has achieved the ISO 9001: Quality Management System; ISO  14001:  Environment  Management  System;  OHSAS  18001:  Occupational  Health  & Safety Awareness Series. Moreover, Cityscape tower is on the way to pursue ISO 50001: Energy  Management  System.  This  building  is  the  most  energy-efficient,  technologically advanced and highly secured building in the country.

On January, 2017 Cityscape International Ltd has taken over the project of NBL Twin Tower.

Recently Mr. Nahid Sarwar has finalized an agreement as territorial primary distributer and sole agency with one of the most top notch green company from USA. The environmentally friendly  product  is  “Thermal  Barrier”,  which  will  cut  down  approximately  40  to  70%  of energy consumption for indoor climate control on top existing glazing. This will result in huge savings in power consumption and hence will reduce carbon foot prints substantially.


 Marketing and commercial installation of the product in Bangladesh is planned to start in  few  months  (Sept  2018)  from  now.  Territorial  countries  like  India,  Thailand,  Sri- Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar will follow subsequently.

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