As Bangladesh moves on to develop itself in every aspect, the country, now rapidly becoming urbanized, is shying away from its beautiful landscape of greeneries.


But being a partaker in the Real Estate Development sector, however at Cityscape International Limited, we can proudly claim that we not only do construction business, but we do it in the best way.


Our journey had started with an aim to give back something to the nature, and now we vow to reduce our carbon footprints by constructing the very first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certified commercial building in Bangladesh. Research has been found that the most CO2 emission happens from buildings. Cityscape has therefore taken the lead in green initiative in the Real Estate Development sector to fight and prevent global warming while creating a space of sustainability, functionality & energy efficient power solution, and minimizing water consumption.


I strongly believe that our belief of redefining the benchmarks of Real Estate Development sector will bring a change, as to how we respect earth and humanity. So while we commit to relentless strive towards world-class green building construction, we also value our every stakeholders, as together, we live in this beautiful world.


At the end as I hope to get closer to my clients, who share an equal belief, we will walk on to fulfill our customer’s expectations as well as care for the nature and the country, at the same time.


Nahid Sarwar

Managing Director

Cityscape International Limited


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